Five terrorists killed after the attack in Mali

20.06.2017, Mali.

On June 19, Malian security forces eliminated five militants, Reuters informs citing the country’s Security Minister.

“This was, without a doubt, a terrorist attack,” Security Minister Salif Traoré told Radio France Internationale. “The anti-terrorist forces arrived on the scene immediately afterwards. Five terrorists were killed. The operations continued throughout the night.” Several terrorists’ accomplices were detained.

The terrorist attack on a luxury tourist resort near the capital city of Bamako, popular among Western tourists, took place on Sunday evening.

After the legitimate Libyan government was overthrown with the support of NATO forces in 2011, the country descended into chaos that spread onto the neighboring state of Mali.

Islamist groups united with Tuareg nomads in 2012 took control over the northern areas of the country, but soon their interests started to differ that led to conflicts. Shortly after that, Islamists, including al-Qaeda (organization banned in Russia) militants, attacked central and southern regions of Mali, including Bamako. In early 2013, France deployed its military units to the country and reclaimed some territories previously occupied by Islamists.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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