School in LPR village receives gifts from school children of Sosnovoborsk, Russia (photos)

08.09.2016, LPR.

Children from Sosnovoborsk school № 2, Russia, sent aid gathered as a part of the project “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” to high school № 12 in Beloskelevatoye village of Krasnodon region of Lugansk People’s Republic. The boxes contained paper, notebooks, writing accessories, as well as groats, macaroni, chocolate and candy.



The teaching team and students of LPR school warmly thanked the kids from Sosnovoborsk for their help.


The kids wished happiness, good and peace on Earth to their peers from Russia.


All-Russian Parents’ Resistance

Children of Russia to Children of Donbass campaign (in English)

Children of Russia to Children of Donbass campaign (in Russian)

“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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