Lugansk lyceum №24 receives medicine from lyceum №31, Chelyabinsk, Russia (photo report)

06.09.2016, Lugansk.

It’s not the first time students of Chelyabinsk lyceum № 31 send humanitarian aid to Lugansk as a part of “Children of Russia to Children of Donbass” campaign. The kids were saving money on dinners, asked their parents for money to buy medicine for Lugansk lyceum № 24.

Activists of All-Russian Parents’ Resistance delivered humanitarian cargo to Lugansk People’s Republic this summer. The teaching team of lyceum № 24 thanked the kids from Chelyabinsk from the bottom of their hearts: “Thank you for the medicine, of which we have a great need. Thank you a lot for the help you provided!



All-Russian Parents’ Resistance

Children of Russia to Children of Donbass campaign (in English)

Children of Russia to Children of Donbass campaign (in Russian)

“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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