DPR opens a Representative Center in the Czech Republic

02.09.2016, Czech Republic.

Honorary Consul Nela Lisková of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) announced the opening of DPR Representative Center in the Czech Republic on September 1st, TASS news agency informed.

The Representative Center was opened in Ostrava city (Northern Moravia). Lisková mentioned that Czech city and Donetsk are twin towns, and, therefore, Ostrava hosts the Center. Honorary Consul and Head of the Representative Center Mission Nela Lisková is also the Head of the Czech public organization ‘People’s Militia’.

DPR Representative Center is a non-profit association and does not act as a diplomatic mission at the present moment. The Center is established, first of all, to spread truthful information about DPR to Europeans. According to the Consul, the Center will also be involved in the delivery of the humanitarian aid to DPR citizens.

On September 1 Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement in which it refuses to recognize DPR as a state, states that has no diplomatic relations with it and, therefore, cannot have a diplomatic mission or consular post of DPR on its territory.

Donetsk People’s Republic was proclaimed on April 2014 after a coup d’état took place in Kiev and the legitimate President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown. As of now, all states, including the Czech Republic and Russia, do not recognize DPR as a state.


Source: Vognebroda.net

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