DPR: Kiev unleashed the psychological war against its own people (informational slides)

31.08.2016, DPR.

Special Operations Forces of Ukraine established Informational-Psychological Centers to fight against its own population, Deputy Operations Commander of Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin stated during the briefing in Donetsk News Agency on August 30th.

Special Operations Force has the 16th, 72nd, 74th and 83rd Informational-Psychological Operations Centers, which are aimed at concealing crimes from the public and awarding murderers with the status of hero. These Centers together with the Ukrainian media and false statements of the Kiev junta are manipulating the minds of Ukrainians and foreign audience“, the Deputy Commander said.

Basurin added that the Special Operations Forces exist worldwide, but “Ukraine is the only country, which has used these Forces against its own population by damaging infrastructure and killing peaceful civilians.





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Special Operations Forces of Ukraine were established on June 1st, 2016. Their main tasks are sabotages of the basic facilities in Donbass, terrorist attacks against the civilian population, sabotage, and recruitment. Moreover, the officers of the Forces are responsible for the seizure and liquidation of politicians, statesmen, and military staff as well as for the information and psychological operations.

Source: Donetsk News Agency


The emblem of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine (left) depicts a wolf, which also serves as a talisman, and phrase ‘Idu na Vy’, which means ‘I am going to fight against you’ (‘I declare war on you)’ in Old Slavonic. Two things are worth noting in this regard. First, the wolf is an ancient symbol important to certain specific organizations. For example, for the Turkish neofascist “Grey Wolves” extremists, who associate the wolf with the myth of the origin of the Turks.

Secondly, although the emblem of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine is indeed intimidating, its creators seem to have forgotten that there is an interesting expression in both Russian and Ukrainian languages: “Werewolves in uniform” (literally: “Werewolves with shoulder marks”), which is used to refer to corrupt military and police officers or personnel and suits the Ukrainian army quite well – Editor.

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