Two Ukrainian terrorist attacks prevented in LPR

20.08.2016, LPR.

LPR People’s Militia servicemen intercepted a Ukrainian drone with explosives which was supposed to be used by Kiev’s military to launch a terrorism attack on the territory of Lugansk People’s Republic. The drone was shown to journalists today in LuganskInformCenter during the briefing of People’s Militia Directorate Chief Oleg Anashenkov. He also stated that a second Ukrainian terrorism attack against civilians was prevented by the People’s Militia in the checkpoint of Stanitsa Luganskaya.

I want to draw your attention to the Ukrainian army drone intercepted by us in the airspace of the Republic. After inspection it was established that this drone was redesigned to carry working load and was equipped with improvised explosives“, Anashenko noted.

After it was defused by sappers and after the trajectory of the flight and the combat load was studied, it was established that this drone was headed towards Lugansk to commit a terrorism act. Most probably a civilian building or a crowd were to become a target of the Ukrainian drone to later accuse divisions of LPR People’s Militia of shelling civilians“, he said.

He informed that the drone carried explosives equivalent to 1100 grams of TNT, a detonator and the metal shell which was supposed to damage civilians by shrapnel as a result of the explosion. To compare, standard F1 anti-personnel fragmentation grenade contains up to 92 grams of TNT.

Another prevented Ukrainian terrorism act against civilians was supposed to take place at the checkpoint in Stanitsa Luganskaya.

It was established that Ukrainian National Guard saboteurs set three anti-tank grenade launchers on a trail on the territory controlled by LPR People’s Militia and pointed these in the direction of the checkpoint,” Anashenko informed.

The explosive device was supposed to be launched by an improvised remote electronic trigger at daytime to kill as much civilians as possible“, the colonel explained.

He emphasized that the actions of the People’s Militia prevented the terrorism act.

Such actions of Ukrainian military commanders are beyond any reason. The attempt of Ukrainian military to assassinate the Head of the Republic Igor Plotnitsky and preparation of terrorism attacks against residents of Lugansk People’s Republic are showing that Ukrainian authorities choose the means of fighting against the population of Donbass with that which are used by the ‘Islamic  State’ [Organization banned in Russia – Editor] “, Anashenko noted.


Source: LuganskInformCenter (2)

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