Ukraine deploys heavy weaponry at border with Crimea

13.08.2016, Crimea.

Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service deployed reserves, including heavy weapons, at the border with Crimea, the head of the service Viktor Nazarenko said, Ukrainian media report on August 13.

We also undertook a number of other actions, both with local population and our personnel, directed at raising combat readiness on this direction,” Nazarenko said.

He added that Ukrainian authorities are prepared to “any turn of events“.

Nazarenko also confirmed that State Border Service developed a plan together with OSCE on restoration of border control with Russia in the east of the country – that is, the border of DPR and LPR with Russia. “This is the idea of the President of Ukraine, it’s point is that, considering the real situation, there is a possibility to involve the police mission of OSCE and step by step, based on Minsk Agreements, start controlling that part of the border with Russia, which currently is not controlled (by Ukraine – Editor),” he said

On the night of August 6-August 7 a group of saboteurs was uncovered in Crimea, an FSB officer died when the criminals were apprehended. On the following night groups of Ukrainian special forces tried to break through into Crimea, covered by massive artillery shelling from the Ukrainian side, as a result of which a Russian serviceman was killed.



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