Fidel Castro turns 90!

13.08.2016, Cuba.

Today Fidel Castro turns 90 years old!

In half of a century the Cuban leader has turned his country into a symbol of resistance to enslavement. While regimes in neighboring countries were changed by the will of the United States during “banana revolutions“, which prevented the countries from developing, Cuba remained the “Island of Freedom”.

The Soviet Union is dissolved, China is rapidly turning into a bourgeois state, the countries of Middle East and Africa are destroyed by terrorists, Europe bowed to Evil by accepting the inhumane norms of selling children. While on Cuba the current head of the state rejects the symbolic gesture of the Evil’s vicar on Earth to devour freedom.

The dream about Happiness for every human is not a fantasy for Fidel. It’s his religion. This is why Cuba is alive. And it will outlive both the USA, and every stronghold of fascism that will follow.

Now the inhumane mainstream media, understanding the popularity of Fidel, try to present him as a kind of a funny old guy who smoked cigars and barked at the USA for all of his life. They try to make a laughing stock of him, not a symbol of struggle, which he actually is. Let them. Dogs may bark, but the caravan goes on. The Cause, to which the great Cuban dedicated all of his life, can’t be killed by such mockery.

Viva la Cuba! Viva La Revolución! Viva Fidel!


Source: “Essence of Time” blogger anti-xboct

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