Ukrainian special forces attempted to break through into Crimea, launch terror attacks

10.08.2016, Crimea.

Special forces belonging to Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to break through into Crimea on the night of August 7-August 8. They were covered by a massive shelling from the Ukrainian side, a message on the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) website states.

Special units of Ukrainian Defense Ministry made another two breakthrough attempts of saboteur-terrorist groups, which were prevented by the forces of Russian FSB and cooperating agencies. Breakthrough attempts were covered by a massive shelling by the neighboring state and the armored military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the message reads.

The Service notes that one Defense Ministry of Russia servicemen was killed.

Additional safety measures were undertaken in crowded places, as well as in guarding infrastructure objects of critical importance. Boarder control with Ukraine was reinforced,” the message notes.

Earlier on August 10 FSB informed that a spy ring of the Main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine was uncovered in Crimea. A group of saboteurs was discovered in Armyansk area on the night between August 6 and August 7, FSB officer was killed during the apprehension of terrorists.

20 improvised explosive devices with a total explosive power equivalent to over 40 kilograms of TNT, ammunition and special detonators, anti-personnel and magnet mines, as well as grenades and special weaponry used by special units of Armed Forces of Ukraine were discovered on the site of combat,” FSB informs.

According to FSB, citizens of Ukraine and Russia, who aided in preparation of terrorist attacks, are detained and are currently testifying.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented that “Modern authorities in Kiev don’t seek ways to solve the problem through negotiations, but instead revert to terrorism. This is very alarming.” He urged Europe and USA to undertake specific measures to influence Ukrainian authorities.


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