Serbia disturbed by Croatia’s fascist policy

02.08.2016, Serbia.

Serbia expresses concern over Croatia’s anti-Serbian policy, stated Aleksandar Vučić, the prime minister of Serbia, on August 1 at a press conference, TASS reports.

Serbian government directed letters to the leaders of the European Union, in which it expressed concern over the developing situation in Croatia, which threatens the stability of the Balkan region. An indicative example of this, according to Vučić, is the recent vindication of Nazi criminal Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Serbs, by the Zagreb court of law. Moreover, recently, a memorial monument dedicated to the terrorist Miro Barešić, who killed the Yugoslavian ambassador to Stockholm in 1971, was opened to the public in Croatia.

The prime minister mentioned that by these notes of protest Serbia expresses its dissent with the fascist and terrorist policy of Croatia.

During WWII, 11% of the population of Yugoslavia, 90% of whom were Serbs, were killed by fascists.



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