Ruyan and Schuka suffered heaviest injuries

01.08.2016, DPR.

Approximately a month ago, after a complicated combat operation, which they carried out excellently, our comrades Ruyan and Schuka suffered heaviest injuries when the group was withdrawing.

Arms bones fractured, body and face burned, heavy injuries of eyes, strongest concussions — this is the condition in which they were evacuated from the frontline by their fellow servicemen.

And then the fight for life started — they guys were clinging for their lives with all the strength they had left, the doctors did everything they could. We knew one thing from the doctors: Ruyan is in heavy condition, Schuka is critical.

Three days of Schuka’s induced coma, another three long days when the body refused to recover from it. The medics gave no forecasts, but we were convinced: Schuka will make it. He went through hell with us, he defended “Trioshka” on January 17, 2015. And he was victorious here as well, having lived through five operations and recovered from the coma. His life is out of danger now. But the path towards getting well is still long.

Just like for Ruyan, whom we brought to Leningrad, where he is being taken care of by our comrades and where he waits for his operations for eyesight recovery. Doctors in Donetsk did all they could, but the best equipment and specialists on eye injury treatment are in Russia.

Thanks to the help of Iris, commanders and fellow servicemen, your donations to the bank card of the unit, a part of the path of saving our comrades is behind. Ahead is the recovery of eyesight, ability to move, return to productive life. We will be grateful for all kinds of help and kind words!



“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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