Militants in Armenian capital continue to kill policemen

30.07.2016, Yerevan.

A policeman was killed by sniper fire from the territory of the police station captured by armed militants on July 17, the press-secretary of Armenian police Ashot Agarunyan stated on July 30 on his Facebook page.

A serviceman of the police forces 30-year old Yura Tepanosyan was killed in a car by sniper fire. The shots were fired from the territory, controlled by the armed group. The car was approximately 400 meters away from the police building,” Agarunyan stated.

On July 17 the armed group of militants captured a police station in Yerevan. One policeman was killed and four people were injured. The terrorists took a number of other policemen hostage, but later released them. On July 27 the militants took a civilian ambulance crew hostage.

As a result of police work two militants were killed and two were arrested.

The armed group has political demands: they want the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to resign. Besides that, they demand that the opposition member arrested for illegal possession of arms to be released from prison.

The situation is complicated by the fact that civilian protests in support of terrorists take place near the captured police station. The protesters try to break through to the captured building to give food to the militants.

Judging by the fact that the authorities did and do nothing to release the hostages held by the militants, the work of the police in Armenia seems to be paralyzed even worse than during the Euromaidan in Ukraine.



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