Head of LPR: We are capable of housing refugees from territories controlled by Kiev

19.07.2016, LPR.

Lugansk People’s Republic will find a way of housing the refugees from Lugansk region territories controlled by Kiev’s military, the Head of the Republic Igor Plotnitsky claimed on July 18 during the operational meeting of the Council of Ministers.

People constantly come through Stanitsa, through that checkpoint. There is full outrage back there, on that territory and they (residents – Editor) see this, and know this, and go here,” he noted.

And if we do, and even if we don’t, we will find the possibility to house them, and you must rapidly participate in this, without delay,” Plotnitsky addressed the interim Deputy Construction and Municipal Engineering Minister of LPR Ruslan Karazha.

I am addressing everyone who comes from the side of Ukraine: if you want it – come, we will find you a place to live in. Maybe in a dormitory, maybe something temporary, but we will always find it for you,” the Head of the Republic emphasized.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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