Houses caught fire due to Ukrainian shelling of Zaytsevo, snipers prevent firefighters from approaching

17.07.2016, Zaytsevo.

Three houses caught fire in Zaytsevo village, northern suburb of Gorlovka, as a result of shelling by Ukrainian military, a source in the Defense Ministry informed Donetsk News Agency.

At 16:00 the Ukrainian side started to shell Zaytsevo village. As a result of a direct hit, three houses caught fire on Rybalko street,” the source said.

According to the source, the enemy shelled from the Zhovanka village nearby.

According to the information of the source, the fire can’t be extinguished due to the sniper fire. “Firefighters can’t extinguish the flames, because the sniper fire continues,” he specified. There was no information regarding human casualties.

Another house in Zaytsevo, on Geroicheskaya street, also caught fire at 11:30 as a result of a direct mortar shell hit.

Source: Donetsk News Agency


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