Ukrainian opera singer joined “Right Sector” Nazis, killed by sniper in Donbass

02.07.2016, Donbass.

Paris opera singer of Ukrainian descent Vasily Slipak abandoned his career and joined the “Right Sector” to fight in Donbass. In the night of June 28-29 he participated in the fight near Luganskoye village near the border with DPR, as a machine-gunner and was killed by a sniper, Russian news website “Life” reports.

The sniper, call sign ‘Moryachok’, a Donbass resident, gave an interview to the website, in which he stated that he didn’t know he shot an opera singer.

According to the sniper, the enemy attacked and shelled their positions by artillery throughout the night, 120mm mortar shells were exploding nearby. At dawn the shooting was getting stronger, more dense, the enemy started approaching their positions and firing grenade launchers and machine guns.

I was on the guard position near our checkpoint, which is being defended by my platoon. My comrades were suppressed by machine gun fire, couldn’t raise their heads, I made a decision to eliminate the machine gun crew,” ‘Moryachok’ said.

According to him, he didn’t see the faces of the enemy in his scope.

I established the position of the machine gunner by fire, flashes, tracer bullets and opened shoot-to-kill fire,” the sniper explained.

‘Moryachok’ added that he didn’t know the machine gunner he eliminated. After suffering losses, “Right Sector” militants retreated.

It is being reported that he continued to sing in European operas. In November 2015 he starred in an antifascist opera “The Emperor of Atlantis”, which was written in 1943 in a Nazi concentration camp. The composer of the opera Viktor Ulmann and librettist Peter Kien were tortured to death in Auschwitz concentration camp.

The plot of the opera tells a story about an emperor who declares the war of everyone against everyone. Death, however, feels insulted by him and starts a strike, which is why nobody can kill anybody. The emperor asks Death to stop the strike. Death agrees on one condition: the Emperor himself must die first. He accepts the condition and dies. Everybody glorifies death.


Source: Life (2)

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