IED sets off in Donetsk Republic Traumatology Center

24.06.2016, Donetsk.

This morning an improvised explosive device set off on the territory of the Republic Traumatology Center in Kiev district of Donetsk. People were not harmed. The building of the morgue was damaged, as well as seven cars. Investigation is underway.

The explosion was an attempt to assassinate a well-known commander of a recon battalion of Donetsk People’s Republic, a hero of the Republic Arseny Pavlov (call sign Motorola), DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko said to the journalists after arriving to the site.

I will be honest, I know Arseny as a warrior, as a man, trust me, there are lots of other places where he can be blown up, if someone wants to do that, but to do this on hospital territory, children are there, and civilians… This is beyond human understanding,” he said.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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