Ukrainian doctor admits he intentionally killed patients, Russian Investigative Committee opens criminal case

23.06.2016, Ukraine.

A criminal case has been opened against the Ukrainian anesthesiologist and emergency room doctor Aleksandr Chernov, who, at the time of his work in Enakievo town of Donetsk region, deliberately did not provide adequate medical care to the wounded soldiers of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICRF).

Chernov, while working in Enakievo city hospital №7, not only sabotaged the process of providing necessary medical care of DPR soldiers, but also urged other doctors to do the same. It is stated in the ICRF report that he did not provide medical help to “citizens, who do not wish to recognize the legitimacy of the current government in Ukraine. Chernov was persuading other doctors to administer to such patients medicine not intended for medical treatment, as a result of which patients had to die.

The criminal case was opened under Section 2 of Article 33, Section 12 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code of Russia (instigation to the use of banned means and methods of warfare). Chernov is accused of deliberately violating the provisions of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (Geneva, 08.12.1949) and the Additional Protocol (II) to the Convention (Geneva, 06.08.1977).

In his interview to the Ukrainian Media on June 16th, 2016, Chernov stated, “I have not had an opportunity to harm wounded ‘militiamen’s’ in an open way. I, therefore, harmed them in such a way that… To put it bluntly, if there are three hemostatic agents, I use the worst of them. There is a second option, of the five kinds of surgical sutures I use the cheapest one, which is very likely to come apart while injured is transported to the Slavyansk hospital. The doctors, who provide medical care to the wounded militants should remember that they do not stay out of politics and that the Hippocratic oath does not release from criminal responsibility for aiding and instigating ‘terrorists’.




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