“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass. The Beginning. Sever


I’m from Kiev. A member of the “Essence of Time” movement. Chapaev name’s cell. “Essence of Time” is a fraternity of those who once understood that we are our life, its senses, its authenticity is being taken away from us. We receive surrogates instead, which drives us crazy – on a scale of our great people.

Everyone came to that understanding in different ways. We were awakening, searching for one another, uniting. The understanding gave rise to the questions, answers to which were far beyond the range of interests dictated to us by surrounding information space. We had to learn, we had to change our way of thinking. And the enormity of predetermined and almost irreparable horror began to open up before each of us. Almost irreparable? To this we answer – NO. We will have enough strength, intelligence and patience to repair it.

Events unfolded rapidly. Lies around, mind-numbing reality. A waterfall pouring dirt on the deeds of our heroic ancestors. Betrayal of those who understands what is going on. Lowness, dirt and greed escalated to the absolute meaning of life. Western values”, “Euro association”.

The first feeling was anger. Blinding anger. Then awakening love to the people, brothers and sisters, who were already brought to an almost bestial, primitive state, in the truest sense – to eat and wear trinkets, and worship those who condescendingly give those trinkets. To change the right to be human for trinkets!

Bared teeth of the “maidan”. Crazy dancing and swastikas. Calls to kill and lust for blood. The enemy who had already tried to kill humanity came back again. The humanity means what our fathers and grandfathers had handed us, the light of which is being brought by our faith, the road soaked with the blood of our people. This time the enemy had prepared much better. But we almost missed the event.

Photos and videos from Kiev, words, thoughts, facts can’t convey the atmosphere of madness that fell upon everyone. Mercilessly. It was unbearable. We were too few, madness covered almost everyone around. The native Ukrainian language became abusive. The colors of the flag symbolizing wheat and sky suddenly turned into a symbol of fratricide in the name of… even those who carries the flag cannot answer in the name of what.

Odessa. May 2. Bright memory to the victims. The enemy threw off his mask. Zaporozhie, Kharkov, Kramatorsk, Mariupol… A man crushed by tank, fighter jets taking down the tops of trees, and the escalation, picture by picture, and each one more terrible. Smile of death.

Editor’s note: The events in Mariupol are less known than the events of May 9 in Odessa. The police chief of Mariupol was appointed by Bandera Nazis on May 1, 2014. He ordered the police to use force against the peaceful protesters in the city on the Victory Day against fascism, May 9, 2014. The policemen refused and claimed that they are siding with the people. The police chief, Valery Androshuk, took his gun and shot at one of the policemen, heavily injuring him. Interior Ministry officers started a riot. Androshuk asked his Bandera Nazi masters in Kiev for assistance and National Guard entered the city, using heavy weaponry and military hardware against the civilians. This is what happens when Nazis take power in your country.

Police building of Mariupol damaged during Ukrainian National Guard's attack against the policemen who refused to use force against protesters. May 9, 2014.

Police building of Mariupol damaged during Ukrainian National Guard’s attack against the policemen who refused to use force against protesters. May 9, 2014.


Ukrainian National Guard IFV, one of several, rushes through the peaceful streets of Mariupol near Platinum Bank. May 9, 2014.

Residents of Mariupol try to stop one of the IFVs near Platinum Bank. Seconds later it rushes away. May 9, 2014.

Residents of Mariupol try to stop one of the National Guard’s IFVs near Platinum Bank. Seconds later it rushes away. May 9, 2014.

National Guard Nazis (four on the foreground) threaten the protesters, residents of the city. Seconds later Nazi opened fire, killing several people, and retreated. May 9, 2014

National Guard Nazis (four on the foreground) threaten the protesters, residents of the city. Seconds later Nazis opened fire, shooting one person dead and wounding another, and retreated. May 9, 2014

Now Mariupol remains to be under Nazi control. On January 25, when the Donbass militia had the chance to capture the city after Ukraine broke the first Minsk Agreements and launched a new stage of the war in Donbass, Ukrainian Nazis shelled Mariupol by multiple-launch rocket systems to accuse Donetsk People’s Republic of the shelling. 31 civilian died, including children, 117 were injured. In essence, Nazis issued a threat to kill civilians in case the militia decides to advance, and DPR had to stop to avoid civilian casualties. – End of Editor’s note.

Crimea answered to Ukraine. Sea is not subject to Death.

Donbass answered – the land of miners, who despise the fear of death. Land is not subject to Death. The choice was to die or to fight.

We arrived to Donetsk. Everyone abandoned everything they had, but what does it matter when the fate of the world is at stake. And this is not pathos – this is History itself.

My story began in June 27, 2014. Smiling and cultured Bolgarin met me on the platform of the Kiev-Donetsk train. We were not yet acquainted – but we were already like brothers. Donetsk was as a breath of the air of freedom. The sun was shining – and somehow it became immediately clear: fascism will not pass. There was already shooting in Slavyansk – but the center of resistance was in Donetsk. I met with my friends: Kontrabas, Feldsher, Rumyn, Chekist, Lom – friends, I’m sorry, I’ll try to list everyone. In fact, Sergei Ervandovich Kurginyan (the leader of “Essence of Time” unit) had called us there, the man who showed us the way. The referendum held on May 11 perfectly showed what people wanted. We came to help, although at that time we did not have even the slightest idea what we would do. We were naive, but we believed in ourselves, we were ready to work. We were happy to see each other, we became acquainted.

Donetsk is a very beautiful city. People here were not still aware of what we all would have to face. We got into work – visited orphanages for humanitarian assistance, began to hold public meetings – it’s impossible to defeat the enemy whose essence is a lie without understanding the higher conceptual and ideological areas.

Comrades continued to arrive and join the work. Kot, Ishym, Petka, Pamir, Mars, Liteyshik. Some of them were acquainted, but in general we were not yet a team. We had to do a great and hard work to create and improve it. Honestlythis work continues.

The same situation was around us – people were willing to fight the enemy, the first combat troops had already been assembled. The first positions had already been captured, but the body of resistance only began to emerge. However the passion leading people was as the inflaming fire. And the situation was also as the inflaming fire. And no one at that time did not understand how fast it would start to unfold.

Sergei Kurginyan arrived. I met with him personally for the first time. I was excited – I perfectly understood that he was telling the truth. I saw that for myself a long time ago. I saw the Teacher in front of me. He was alarmed, but we did not yet understand the reasons, in fact, at that time we were still children. We started to grow up very quickly – since Strelkov’s betrayal (see a brief story about Strelkov’s betrayal in the Editor’s note here – Editor). This topic is analyzed in detail, so I won’t describe it. Originally information and humanitarian work was planned, but the clang of breechblocks at the famous press-conference where the phrase “hay does not go to cow” was uttered, where I saw fighters from the “Vostok” battalion for the first time and gloomy focused Ossetians, all that convinced me that I will have to get acquainted with firearms.

Enemy at the gates – Donetsk was almost under siege. “A brilliant maneuver of a military genius” (as the betrayal of Strelkov was referred to by his media team, funded by oligarch Konstantin Malofeev – Editor). And lots of enemies – we were telling the truth, which was not allowed for by their plan “B”.

On July 16 we joined the “Vostok” battalion. The militiamen were heroes for us. I met there the people whom I had seen on videos back in Kiev. We were a training unit. Verdant and unseasoned. I learned to disassemble an assault rifle. The conditions were spartan. There was no hazing, all were brothers, we were just juniors. Unloading railway sleepers, kitchen duties. I remembered one duty forever. When on my feet from 7 am, it’s a pleasure to feed fighters with supper. Usually shift ends about 10 o’clock at night, but on that day the militia was dislodged from Peski. Midnight – militiamen continue to arrive at the base after the battle, shelling – we were feeding them in rush. Porridge and stewed meat until two in the morning.

Another episode: a departure in the direction of Peski. Burnt Ukrainian tank and three bodies of young guys with whom I would be able to have a beer and talk about football just a year ago. How cynical Ukrainian media were, which brazenly reported that we were shelling ourselves…

We started to work in the information center and did combat training at the same time. We were growing up. “Battalion – air-raid alarm!!!” – I’ll remember roar of a fighter jet forever too. Pamir and I jumped in an unfinished bunker, a pit three meters deep…

You, back there, on the other side – those who consider us to be “terrorists”. We had matured. And you are  deceived sick children. We are the medicine.

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