The situation on the Donbass front

07.06.2016, Donbass.

During the past day, Kiev punitive forces fired around 50 mortar shells at Donetsk city, Dokuchaevsk town, and Yasinovatskiy checkpoint, a source in the Defense Ministry of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) informed Donetsk News Agency correspondent on June 6th.

The source said, ‘From 11 AM till 4 PM, the Ukrainian side shelled Spartak, Trudovskie, Krutaya Balka villages, Dokuchaevsk town, and Yasinovatskiy checkpoint. The enemy fired a total of 23 120 mm and 24 82mm mortar shells.

The enemy shelled from the Ukrainian army’s positions near Avdeevka town, Novotroitskoe and Krasnogorovka villages, ventilation shaft of Butovskaya coal mine.

Moreover, snipers were active on the Dokuchaevsk and Gorlovka directions.

At ‘Mayorsk’ checkpoint near Gorlovka, a DPR customs officer was injured by a silenced sniper rifle. Such rifles are used by the militants of private military companies.

DPR Deputy Operations Commander Eduard Basurin stated, ‘Our intelligence continues to register the accumulation of the weaponry banned by Minsk agreements and personnel of the enemy along the contact line. For example, the location of a battery composed of 120mm mortars was registered near Veliko-Anadol village (15 km to the frontline).

According to the DPR Operations Command, around 600 shells including 45 122mm artillery shells, 274 120mm and 82 82mm mortar shells were fired at the DPR territory over the past day. Infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers, and small arms were also used.

Zaitsevo, Staromikhaylovka and Aleksandrovka, Zhabunki, Spartak, Sahanka, Oktyabr, and Kominternovo villages as well as Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, Yasinovataya towns were shelled.

120 shells were fired at Kominternovo.

The Ukrainian army commanders, who gave the illegal orders, are known. They are the brigade commanders Voylokov, Vodolazskiy, Sokolov, Zabolotny, Delyatitsky.

All information was reported to the OSCE mission and representatives of the Joint Centre for Ceasefire Control and Coordination.

Kiev junta’s military continue their provocative advancement into the ‘neutral zone’, which must be free from armed groups according to the Minsk agreements.

In the northern suburbs of Gorlovka, the Ukrainian military advanced by 300m at the beginning of June.

There are also cases when the Ukrainian military shelled the civilian buses passing through the checkpoints.



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