The reserve of the Republic (photo report)

03.06.2016, DPR.

On May 31 “Donbass with Texas” filming crew paid a visit to “Legion” battalion. In addition to participation in combat, the battalion works with the youth of Donetsk People’s Republic. A three-month long course of basic military training was organized for the students of Donbass Law Academy on the base of “Legion”. On May 31 the guys passed the exams.


The test started with a 6-kilometer long march on rough terrain, through water barriers and swamps. The commander of the 4th unit of the battalion — Batya Kharkovsky — ran the whole march together with the future lawyers.



The main thing instructors wanted the cadets to learn is to remember that they can’t leave one of their own behind no matter what. Only a united cohesive team is able to solve the most complicated tasks. After the march the guys had to go through exhausting physical exercises — abs, push-ups, squats.





After they completed everything, all participants receive “Olive bandanas” and commendations. The goal of such drills is to create the “Reserve of the Republic”, which will be able to defend Motherland.



Soon we will tell you more about this in the new episode of “Donbass with Texas” program.


“Essence of Time” unit in Donbass

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