Soft fascization of Europe: ‘Keführer’ to be sold in the Czech Republic

30.05.2016, Czech Republic.

The old scheme in a new way: towards the new Reich under the guise of good intentions.

Originally just an idea and a desire to change society, Keführer has grown into something bigger.

Three young Czechs – David Koutný, Tomas Musil and Luke Lukes will produce kefir (a fermented milk drink) with an image reference to Adolf Hitler.

Very soon, the shelves of Czech shops will have “the Leader of kefirs”. The dairy product called “Kefírer” (which could be roughly translated to English as “Keführer”) really will be produced. Its only difference from other similar products is the unusual bottle design and the logo. They were based on the image of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

It all started with the three young men from Brno deciding to draw attention to an important problem in the country – the significant growth of extremism. They came up with the advertising, made posters, and put pictures of Hitler on the dairy product. True resonance was seen with the emergence of the first billboards in Czech cities – the product did not go unnoticed, it was talked about, which was understood by its creators; so they decided to develop the idea and create a real product.

“The purest kefir”, admit its authors, will soon appear on the shelves of Czech shops. “Keführer” will be produced in the dairy plant Kozojedský dvů, located near Brno.

Part of the proceeds from product sales will go to support the non-profit project “Memory of nation”, which stores and collects unique information about the most important events of Czech and European history.

We should not forget about World War II and the lessons that it taught us, and our product is only one form in which we can remind the citizens of our country of that“, – stated the authors of “Keführer”.

P. S. This introduction of fascist imagery to the consciousness of the people occurs together with the demolition of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators from fascism in Europe. Soon the beast will show its true face.


Source: Around Prague

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