Spanish antifascists opposed Nazi gathering in Valencia

28.05.2016, Spain.

Spanish antifascists rallied last week, on May 21, in Valencia and Madrid against the “Spanish Spring 2016” Nazi gathering in Valencia. The granddaughter of the dictator Mussolini participated in this rally, writes the Spanish newspaper Público.

The protests were organized to prevent the forum of right-wing “Spanish Spring 2016” activists in Valencia. The organizers of the protests were various public organizations of Valencia and the antifascist movement of Spain.

The demonstrators took to the streets with placards in memory of the victims of the bombings committed by Mussolini 80 years ago.

The fascist movement “Spanish spring 2016”, which held its summit in Valencia this year, was a complete failure compared to the expectations and discussions on forums and social networks.

Such people as the historic leader of Italian fascism Roberto Fiore and others, who were advertised as speakers for the summit on all of their resources, eventually decided not to attend the summit, thereby ensuring its failure.

Attendance was very low, there were not many young people. Only 150 people attended the summit out of the 200 who were supposed to attend. The summit was also ignored by the media.

The only prominent people who were present at the table were the President of the bookstore “Europe”, who works to popularize the fascist ideology; the former leader of the neo-Nazi party CEDADE (Spanish circle of Friends of Europe) Pedro Varela, who was arrested several times in the past; and the granddaughter of the fascist dictator Edda Negri Mussolini.

The leader of the Italian democratic party, Giuseppe Spadavecchia recently commented on the book published by Edda Negri Mussolini, dedicated to her grandmother Rachele, that she had two objectives: first, to have a copy of her book accepted into the Comunale di Cadelbosco Sopra library, which she achieved; and second – “to use a person from the family of the fascist dictator in order to show his human side.

The neo-Nazi party CEDADE was founded in Barcelona in 1966 and lasted until 1993. CEDADE was part of an international network used to spread ideas and propaganda of neo-fascism and neo-Nazism. It was associated with the founder of the Belgian party of the Rexists (Partido Rexista) and the General of the Waffen SS Leon Degrelle, who had taken refuge from justice inside the Franco regime; with Jean-Francois Thiriart’s Young Europe party (Jeune Europe); as well as former members of the Blue division, who belong to the Nazi ideology.



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