Donbass: Delivery of medicine to Amvrosievka hospital

Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) together with members of “Essence of Time” unit in DPR delivered humanitarian aid to Amvrosievka policlinic and regional hospital. The aid was collected by “Essence of Time” in Moscow, Rostov, Murmansk together with “Spendenaktionen für Novorossia” (Germany), “Donbass Humanitarian Aid” and Russian Orthodox church in Florida and “PharmMedHolding” (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).

A part of humanitarian aid consisted of medical equipment for patients: portable machine for artificial lung ventilation, foldable stretchers, crutches and junk rings. Another part consisted of medicines that were bought with funds raised by previously named organizations in Russia, Germany and USA. The list of medicines to buy has been discussed with the doctors of the Amvrosievka hospital in advance. It includes antibiotics, insulin, antiallergic drugs, drugs for dermatology and cardiology departments and vitamins.

The personal of the hospital and its patients have expressed their deepest gratitude to everybody, who donated and helped the hospital. Thank you very much for supporting the people of Donbass!

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