Latvia: Honors to Waffen-SS on the Day of Victory over Nazism

11.05.2016, Latvia.

The ceremony of Waffen-SS legionnaire’s graves consecration and memorial events had been held on May 8 in Latvian city Lestene at the burial site of Wafen-SS legionnaires, Latvian “Panorama” TV program reported.

Priests of several religious denominations consecrated the graves of 236 legionnaires. The military funeral honors were rendered for the dead and the memorial event was held with participation of the top government officials: the Minister of Defense and the speaker of the Latvian Parliament.

On the day, which is considered to be the day of Victory over Nazism in Europe, a European state gives military honors to fascists.

At the same time, the date of May 8 was selected in advance and it was not a coincidence. The remains of fascists were brought to Latvia from Russia back in December 2015, and reburied in April 2016. However, they could be reburied and honored on any day, on March 16th for example, the Waffen-SS legionnaires remembrance day. However, this date was not suitable for some reason. Alternatively, it could also be done on the Day of declaration of Latvian Independence on May 4. Nevertheless, this day was not suitable either, although according to official mythology these Waffen-SS fought for independence of Latvia.

But no, it was necessary to wait till the exact day of the defeat of Nazism to give them military honors. As we see, fascism demonstrates without hiding that is was not defeated, it only went underground after the defeat of Hitler’s Germany. And today, with new strength, it is crawling out of this underground. The masks are off. Will pretend that they do not see anything?



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