Source: Terrorists are gathering forces for a new attack on Aleppo

05.05.2016, Aleppo.

Militants of terrorist groups are deploying additional troops to Aleppo for a new assault, the source in the city militia told RIA Novosti.

Several terrorist formations transferred a large number of armed groups to Aleppo. Main strike is expected from the west, south-west and north-west“, he told to the agency.

According to the “Al-Mayadin” channel terrorists reinforcements are mainly formed of “Jaish al-Fatah” group members who came from Idlib province. Small clashes are going on in different parts of the city.

Earlier, the Syrian army with the support of militias and the Syrian Air Force fighters, repelled a strong attack of “Jabhat al-Nusra” (Organization banned in Russia) and allied gangs in the area of Jamiyat az-Zahra quarter. During the attack of the terrorists detonated a mined car parked earlier and the tunnel under the ground, where they put several tons of explosives.

On Tuesday morning, the terrorists made a massive missile strike on the residential areas of Aleppo, including the center. 60 missiles exploded in the streets within an hour. Dabbit hospital was completely destroyed as a result of the missile strike. The shelling was occurred at the time when people usually go to work. About 30 civilians were killed, dozens of people were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity during the day.

The terrorists made the first attempt to storm Aleppo on Monday. Armed gangs of militants have tried to make an offensive and attacked the positions of army and militias in the west and north-west of Aleppo. Government forces repelled the attack of militants with the support of the Syrian Air Force.


Source: RIA Novosti

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