Hackers made printers print anti-Semitic leaflets in Germany on Hitler’s birthday

25.04.2016, Germany.

On April 20, the birthday of Adolf Hitler, printers installed in German universities began to print leaflets of anti-Semitic content, The New York Times reports.

These incidents were reported by nine universities in Germany, including the Universities of Hamburg, Tübingen and Lüneburg. According to the administration of the University of Hamburg, the leaflets contained the plea “Europe, wake up!”. “Europe is overrun with hostile intruders”, stated the leaflets, quoting “the words of the former European Fuhrer” that Jews are responsible for the resettlement of racially alien elements on the banks of the Rhine. Hitler was not named in the leaflets, though.

The universities’ administration offices have given official statements to the police and prosecutor’s office about unknown attackers hacking the computer networks of the universities. Although the printing of the leaflets has since been stopped, the security hole in the protection of the networks is not yet resolved and they remain vulnerable.

A similar incident occurred in March 2016 in Princeton, USA. Same as American flyers, the German leaflets contained the hashtag referring to an American neo-Nazi website. The police believe that this suggests that the same group was responsible in both cases.


Source: Lenta.ru

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