“Fourteen Minutes Before the Launch”, 1960

April 12 is Cosmonautics Day. Yes, it is a word. Both Oxford and Merriam-Webster say so.

April 12, 2016 was the 55th anniversary of the first man’s journey into outer space. His name was Yuri Gagarin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_Ga…
You can see some archival materials about that momentous day in the history of the humankind, the April 12, 1961, here: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shu…
You will also see the first cosmonaut in the song video itself. They say, our cosmonauts liked this song very much.
By the way, the first woman in space was also Russian and she is still alive: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valenti…

Tucked into our cases there are space maps and space charts

The navigator checking the numbers one last time.

So let us sing together, we still have fourteen minutes

Before we start the engines and leave the Earth behind.

Zapravleny v planshety kosmicheskie karty,

I shturman utochnjaet v poslednij raz marshrut.

Davajte-ka, rebjata, spojomte pered startom,

U nas eshchjo v zapase chetyrnadtsat’ minut.

My friends, I believe that the fast rocket fleet

Will carry us on from one star to the next.

On those distant planets our trails will remain

And keep dusty prints of our steps.

On those distant planets our trails will remain

And keep dusty prints of our steps.

Ja verju, druz’ja, karavany raket

Pomchat nas vperjod ot zvezdy do zvezdy.

Na pyl’nykh tropinkakh daljokikh planet

Ostanutsja nashi sledy. Na pyl’nykh tropinkakh daljokikh planet

Ostanutsja nashi sledy!

One day, my friends together the past we will remember:

Through interstellar pathways we paved our own roads.

We were the first to go and reach that cherished goal —

To look at our planet from far above the Earth.

Kogda-nibud’ s godami pripomnim my s druz’jami,

Kak po dorogam zvjozdnym veli my pervyj put’,

Kak pervymi sumeli dostich’ zavetnoj tseli

I na rodnuju Zemlju so storony vzgljanut’.

Chorus Pripev

They’ve long been waiting for us those big and distant planets,

Those cold and silent planets deep in the universe.

But there is no planet wherever we have landed,

That waits for us like this one our dear planet Earth.

Davno nas ozhidajut daljokie planety,

Kholodnye planety, bezmolvnye polja.

No ni odna planeta ne zhdjot nas tak, kak eta,

Planeta dorogaja po imeni Zemlja.

Chorus Pripev
Chorus Pripev


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