Situation on the Donbass front on the night of April 4-April 5

05.04.2016, Donbass.

Late in the evening of April 4 and in the night of April 4-April 5 Ukrainian military resumed shelling the territory of Donetsk People’s Republic. Yasinovataya checkpoint territory, Gorlovka suburbs Shyrokaya Balka and Mine 6/7 and Sakhanka village of Novoazovsky region in the south of the Republic were shelled, a source in Donetsk People’s Republic Defense Ministry told Donetsk News Agency.

Yasinovataya road police post was shelled at approximately 22:10 on April 4, tanks fired five times from the Ukrainian army positions in Avdeevka city area.

Donetsk outskirts were also shelled by mortars and IFVs.

At approximately 23:00 Ukrainian army opened fire at Sakhanka village, 15 82mm mortar shells were fired.

At approximately 23:30 Kiev’s military fired 12 tank shells at Shyrokaya Balka and Mine 6/7 from Novgorodoskoye and Leninskoye villages.

The information regarding the damage and human casualties is being specified.

The reports of shelling of Donetsk People’s Republic towns and villages appear almost every day. Gorlovka suburbs, Sakhanka village and Donetsk suburbs became some of the favorite targets of Kiev’s military.



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