Essence of Time unit in Donbass. The Beginning. Feldsher

Recently Olga, a member of the “Essence of Time” movement cell in Donetsk, asked me whether I regret that I had left my former normal life and come to Donetsk. I remember I replied without hesitation that no, I don’t regret and I would do the same again. After all, two years ago fascists that seized power in my country made me choose: to put up with the occupation or to remain human and fight. At that time I was very influenced by Sergei Ervandovich Kurginyan’s (the leader of “Essence of Time” movement – Editor) words: when invaders come, some people meet them by rolling out the red carpet, by offering them bread and salt, others obediently bow their heads, but there are also people who become partisans. That’s why I had no hesitation when I heard his appeal: “Everyone who is ready to fight, go to the South-Eastern Ukraine.

Having arrived to Donetsk, I met outstanding guys, every one of which still remains an example of courage and self-sacrifice for me.

During these two years we have been through many situations where they proved to be real men. Most of us didn’t serve in the army, but nevertheless everyone perfectly fit in the environment absolutely new to us. Of course, there were some misunderstandings (they always are there), but we managed to cope with them.

Initially I was going to become a journalist, and as the Information center started its work, I made movies about the destruction caused by Ukrainian artillery shelling. The times were very alarming, Kiev junta’s troops had already approached the city, and fighting within the immediate city boundaries was a possibility. It was then that I joined the combat group. Since I am a trained feldsher (paramedic), it was natural that I took the responsibility as the unit’s medical instructor.

I recall with gratitude the grueling combat training arranged for us by Volga, our unit commander. Of course, it didn’t made us fantastic special forces soldiers, but we learned the required skills that later helped us so much in combat. On the whole we are very fortunate to have Volga as our commander, as he had the experience as a military volunteer and understands the special nature of such wars.

"Essence of Time" unit training exercise. Still from the video "In memory of the heroic defenders of Donetsk Airport"

“Essence of Time” unit training exercise. Still from the video “In memory of the heroic defenders of Donetsk Airport”

In general, the guys adapted very quickly to military life and became good fighters. I’m very glad to meet these people, thanks to them I learned a lot. I hope to learn more in the future as the path from everyman to warrior is very long and thorny.

I’m very proud that I was friends with such people as Pyatnica, Bolgarin and Belka, who died like heroes defending the Donetsk airport. They were distinguished people whose life and heroic death show us what a real warrior ought to be like.

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