Bavarian beer producer suspected of using Nazi symbols as a publicity stunt

29.03.2016, Bavaria.

Brewery in Bavaria uses Nazi symbolism as a publicity stunt. This accusation was put forward by human rights activists on March 27 in Bavaria, according to Russia Today.

The drink is called “Grenzzaun”, which in German stands for “fence on the border”. According to the owner of the brewery Frank Zillner, this name stirs interest in the topic of migrants. However, he rejects the accusation of Nazi symbolism. Although the price of the bottle of beer Grenzzaun speaks for itself – 88 cents. The number 88 is a famous Nazi symbol. It stands for double “H”, an allusion to the Nazi “Heil Hitler” greeting. The expiration date of the drink is November 9, 2016.

November 9 is the date of the “Beer Hall Putsch” of Hitler and Ludendorff. This attempt to seize power in 1923 failed.

On the night of November 9 to November 10, 1938, Nazis launched the so-called Crystal Night – a pogrom against Jews, which resulted in up to a hundred deaths, tens of thousands of arrests of Jews, and a thousand of burned synagogues across Germany.

The brewery currently suspended the production of Grenzzaun.



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