Hands were raised in Nazi salute by group of nationalists in central Brussels

28.03.2016, Brussels.

About five hundred football fans rioted in central Brussels, in the area of the Bourse Square (Place de la Bourse) by the Stock Exchange, Belgian media reported on March 27, Interfax informs.

A group of football fans dressed in black, with their faces covered, arrived on Sunday to the Brussels north train station, some of them were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The conflict between fans and police occurred on the square by the Stock Exchange, after the nationalist fans acted aggressively towards a Muslim woman.

Hooligans shouted slogans like “All together against the Islamic state (Organization banned in Russia – Editor)”, “Belgian hooligans, we are at home!” Many of the hooligans raised their hands in Nazi salute.

According to local media, ultranationalists might have come to central Brussels among the football fans.

Police, with the help of local special forces unit, detained approximately 10 people. Some of them were throwing petrol bombs at the police.

The mayor of the Central commune of Brussels Yvan Mayeur stated that no one prevented the crowd of nationalists from rallying in central Brussels, although their arrival was expected in advance.

I am outraged at what is happening, to see that these villains are provoking the residents in memorial places. Yesterday we were warned that they may come, and nothing was done to prevent them from coming to Brussels,” stated Mayeur.

Еhe tension towards Muslim citizens has to do with the attacks of March 22 in the capital of Belgium. During a series of bombings over 30 people were killed and over 300 people were injured.


Source: Vognebroda.net

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