Eternal Light (karaoke)

The song “Eternal Light” from the movie “Officers” (1971).

Everyone knows this song, everyone knows this movie (or, at least, _of_ this movie), and hardly anyone knows the name of the song, only the first line. I personally didn’t.
There is even a monument to this movie in Moscow (text is in Russian, but there is a photo):… 

Lyrics — Jevgenij Agranovich

Music — Rafail Khozak

Artist — Vladimir Zlatoustovskij

Translation — Olga Yurchenko


Valiant heroes of days long gone

Often leave us no name, no song.

Those who fell in the mortal fights

Turned into mere soil and grass.

But their valor is burning hot

In the chests of the living lot.

This eternal light is

Their legacy for us,

Burning in our hearts.

Ot geroev bylykh vremjon

Ne ostalos’ poroj imjon.

Te, kto prinjali smertnyj boj,

Stali prosto zemljoj i travoj…

Tol’ko groznaja doblest’ ikh

Poselilas’ v serdtsakh zhivykh.

Jetot vechnyj ogon’,

Nam zaveshhannyj odnim,

My v grudi khranim.

Look at brothers in arms of mine:

Everyone has seen their fight.

In formations battalions stand —

Here’re faces of my good old friends.

They are not even twenty-five,

But they had to take the hard path.

They with bayonets charged,

Like one body moved to win;

Those who stormed Berlin!

Pogljadi na moikh bojtsov —

Tselyj svet pomnit ikh v litso!

Vot zastyl batal’on v stroju —

Snova starykh druzej uznaju.

Khot’ im net dvadtsati pjati,

Trudnyj put’ im prishlos’ projti.

Jeto te, kto v shtyki

Podnimalsja, kak odin,

Te, kto bral Berlin!

Russian families barring none

Claim a hero among their sons,

And the eyes of young soldiers still

Look from photos all faded and thin.

With their eyes our children judge

Their lives, their actions, their hearts.

So the boys can’t betray,

Lie or lay a trap,

Cross the crooked step.

Net v Rossii sem’i takoj,

Gde b ne pamjaten byl svoj geroj.

I glaza molodykh soldat

S fotografij uvjadshikh gljadjat…

Jetot vzgljad — slovno vysshij sud

Dlja rebjat, chto sejchas rastut,

I mal’chishkam nel’zja

Ni solgat’, ni obmanut’,

Ni s puti svernut’.


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