Donetsk: Eastern Orthodox icon of Virgin Mary in Saint-Iversky monastery

Saint-Iversky monastery in Donetsk was heavily bombed by Ukrainian army: the roof and the dome was totally destroyed, only the frame remained intact. The monastery is located on the territory of Donetsk airport, so it is still a frontline. There is a cemetery near the monastery and people still cannot visit it because of mines and tripwires left by Ukrainian solders.

Nevertheless, people of Donetsk People’s Republic came to the monastery to the celebration of Eastern Orthodox icon of Virgin Mary (Iviron Theotokos). It was the first celebration since the last two wartime years. More than two hundred people were in monastery that day, they were not afraid to come despite the risk of shelling. However, many of them felt tears in their eyes when they saw how the monastery looks like after being bombed by Ukrainian army. As one of the congregants said: “That’s the way Satan acts, he destroys everything”

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