Breivik: I will fight for national socialism ‘to the death’

20.03.2016, Norway.

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who filed a lawsuit against Norway state for allegedly ‘inhuman treatment’, declared on March 16 that he would fight for National Socialism ‘to the death’ – Le Parisien reported.

The right-wing radical extremist made this statement on the second day of trial. “I’m a national socialist since the age of 12 … and I would fight for it to the death,” Breivik stressed, indicating that he intentionally denied his affiliation to the doctrine until 2014.

It is 5 year already since the state is trying to kill me,” he stated. “I don’t think that there are many who managed to survive as much as I did,” the extremist added, indicating that he is being treated “like an animal” and “pushed to suicide”.

It should be noted that the extremist’s cell at Skien maximum-security prison located in South Norway consists of three sections with the total area of 31 square meters, and it is equipped with a lot of equipment for learning and physical exercises. In addition, while serving a 21-year prison sentence for murdering 77 people and injuring 319, he has access to TV, gaming console, books and magazines.

It should be reminded that 37-year-old the right-wing extremist Breivik is serving the Norway’s maximum possible sentence of 21 year for murdering 77 people on July 22, 2011 in state’s capital Oslo and on a nearby Utoya island.

On March 15, Breivik raised his hand doing a Nazi salute at the start of court proceedings on his claim against Norway, Reuters reports.

The terrorist also claimed that he will create a new Nazi party in Norway, which will “promote peaceful means of struggle.


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