Police detains anti-fascist journalist Graham Phillips during SS veterans march in Latvian capital

17.03.2016, Riga.

The state police of Latvia detained the famous journalist Graham Phillips who tried to interview the participants of the annual march of Latvian SS Legionnaires, stated the chief of the Riga regional Department of State police Guntars Markitans on March 16 in an interview with LETA, informs the news portal TVNET.

Graham Phillips spoke in both English and Russian with march participants, and a particular question caused an acute reaction: “Why do you glorify fascism?” People responded with insults and attempts to break the camera. The result was his detention without explanation. The officers told Phillips that he “provokes people”.

Graham Phillips is a journalist and blogger from Britain, his work was published by Politico Magazine, Newsweek and Russia Today. He is a freelancer in the latter, and also manages the online project “The Truth Speaker”. He is known for his journalistic work covering the events of the civil war in the South-East of Ukraine. Graham Phillips was awarded in 2015 with the medal “For merits” of the 2nd degree and the Medal of Military Journalist Dmitry Karbyshev’s Name in 2016.

Speaking of the procession on March 16, it is necessary to note that around 165,000 of Latvian Legionnaires fought alongside Nazis during the Second World War and participated in punitive operations against the peaceful residents of Leningrad, Novgorod and Smolensk regions. Same Latvian Nazis became infamous for their atrocities in Poland and Latvia, but nothing beats their crimes in Belarus, where, in the Vitebsk region, during February and March of 1944, they destroyed 138 villages, killed 17,000 people and sent another 13,000 to slavery in Germany.

The current government is creating and exploiting the myth of “national partisans” who allegedly fought for Latvian freedom and against the Wehrmacht, and against the Red Army. But the historical truth is best reflected in the text of the oath, which the Legionnaires gave to the German army on March 28, 1943 in Riga: “In the Name of God, I solemnly swear in the fight against the Bolsheviks to unlimited obedience to the Commander of the armed forces of Germany Adolf Hitler and I promise, as a brave warrior, to be always willing to give my life.”


Source: Vognebroda.net

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