Kurds: Radical Islamists gathering forces in northern Syrian province of Raqqa to attack

01.03.2016, Syria.

Militants of the terrorist group ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) gathered their forces to the northern settlements of province of Raqqa preparing to attack the positions of the Kurdish self-defense forces, the agency Sputnik reported on Monday, citing a source in the Kurd Militia.

ISIL [Organization banned in Russia – Editor] reinforcements have arrived to the frontline in northern Raqqa. They are again preparing to attack Kurdish self-defense forces positions in the region, said the source of agency.

According to the source, the terrorists managed to capture the village of Al-Zaybakiya in West of the settlement of Hamam al-Turkman in northern Raqqa after fierce fighting with Kurdish militias. After the capturing of the village terrorists started to execute all those who supported the Kurdish militia.

ISIL [Organization banned in Russia – Editor] militants burned three residents alive in Hamam al-Turkman after accusing of them of relations with to Kurdish self-defense forces“, agency quotes the source.

On Saturday, ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) terrorists attacked the Kurdish town of Tel Abyad from the side of Turkey and Syrian Raqqa (the unofficial “capital” of the ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) groups). Militants attacked a number of other settlements besides Tel Abyad. On Sunday, the Kurdish self-defense force fighters recaptured their settlement from terrorists and eliminated 70 militants.


Source: RIA Novosti

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