Chechnya leader cautions countries involved in Syria against arguments

15.02.2016, Russia.

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov said that Western countries participating in the anti-ISIL coalition are too busy arguing with one another instead of fighting the “Islamic State” (Organization banned in Russia) in Syria.This might cause greater conflicts, up to military conflicts.

We see the events in Syria develop at a dazzling speed. Some countries announced plans to send their military backed by air forces. When air forces and military of several countries are deployed in one region, it is highly likely for incidents to occur that can incite greater conflicts up to open military conflict,” Kadyrov wrote in his Instagram page on Monday.

The authors of wars and coup d’etat’s against legitimate leaders in the Middle East don’t seek full elimination of ISIL [Organization banned in Russia – Editor] and making Assad’s government stronger. Yet, they will have to deal with the fact that no longer do the West and the US dictate the rules of the game”, Kadyrov added.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defense said last week that it was prepared to deploy ground troops in Syria to fight ISIL (Organization banned in Russia). The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain issued a similar statement. On February 15 Qatar expressed the readiness to join the illegal invasion in Syria.

Pentagon chief Ashton Carter noted on Friday, that UAE special forces are being prepared for redeployment in Syria.

Russia has been carrying out airstrikes on targets in Syria at the request of Syrian president Bashar Assad since September 30.

Since then, hundreds of militants have been killed and thousands of extremist infrastructure targets were destroyed.

The US-led coalition never secured the official permission of Damascus to carry out airstrikes against ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) in Syria. Russia is in constant contact with the US-led coalition for the purpose of exchanging information; however a close coordination of efforts is still lacking. The West accuses Russian forces in Syria of targeting so-called moderate opposition alongside ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) militants – allegation dubbed groundless in Moscow.

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