Ukrainians rank first in the number of lawsuits against their country

13.02.2016, Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizens have filed 13,850 lawsuits in the European court of Human Rights against their own country, the representative of the High Court of Ukraine Yaroslav Romanyuk told to Ukrainian media.

A total of 64,750 cases were being reviewed by the European Court of Human Rights. The share of lawsuits against Ukraine comprises 21,4%. This way, “Ukraine was and remains the leader of appeals to the ECHR by our citizens,” Yaroslav Romanyuk noted.

According to him, most lawsuits are unacceptable: 92% of appeals were deemed such in 2014.

“During the whole 2015 ECHR ruled out that Ukraine is guilty 51 times. Out of these, Ukraine was accused of violating the international obligations it accepted 50 times.

On December 3, 2015, Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko declared that Ukrainian citizens filed a total of 700 lawsuits against Russia due to its aggression in Donbass and occupation of Crimea.

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