Donbass: Humanitarian aid for Gorlovka residents

Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) together with other members of “Essence of Time” unit in DPR paid a visit to families, who have lived in Gorlovka, on the very frontline, under continuous shelling by Ukrainian army. It was the second time, when “Essence of Time” unit visited and helped these families; the first one was in December 2015 (the link to the corresponding video is below).

The families received a new batch of humanitarian aid: clothes, shoes, food and some other stuff. This humanitarian aid was partly sent from Russia (from Novocherkassk and Chelyabinsk) and partly bought with the money donated to Russell Bentley (‘Texas’) and “Essence of Time” unit.

Living conditions in Gorlovka have been incredibly hard. The central mains, gas and water supply have been destroyed; there have been no jobs in the village. That is why Natalia and Elena, the mothers from these families, were very happy to receive the humanitarian aid and thanked everybody, who helped and donated. They also decided to spread clothes and food among other families, who were in the village, and to the local school, where there are currently 120 pupils.

Since Ukrainian army constantly shells Gorlovka, the kids in the village live with permanent sense of threat. Thus, Natalia and Elena decided to spend a part of donated money to organize a trip for the children of the village to the water park in Donetsk, so that the kids would get some pleasant emotions.

If you would like to help these families, you can donate via PayPal or WesternUnion:
-WesternUnion: Borzilov Gennadiy Evgenevich, Rostov on Don, Russia
-PayPal (via Russell Bentley’s account):…
Specify “Gorlovka” as the purpose of your donation.

Previous video about these families:

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