Ukrainian army is regrouping military hardware

05.02.2016, Donbass.

Kiev junta’s punitive forces are moving military equipment and personnel to the contact line, Information center of Lugansk reported on February 4, citing People’s Militia of Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR).

In Stanitsa Luganskaya village, the movement of military vehicles carrying ammunition and soldiers was registered. Six infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) arrived in Svetlodarsk.

Equipped engineering fortifications intended to adjust artillery fire were also found in the area near Lozovoye township,” the People’s Militia reported.

LPR authorities are convinced that Kiev junta is escalating the situation in the southeast of the country to get even more financial and military aid from the USA and other NATO member countries.

On February 2nd, Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin made a statement regarding the movement of 20 tanks, 18 IFV, 4 self-propelled guns, 5 multiple launch rocket system, 3 artillery tractors with 120mm mortars, 6 cars, and 2 railcars with soldiers and ammunition to the contact line. The movements of military vehicles are also constantly registered in LPR. For example, on February 2nd, 8 tanks were redeployed to Stanitsa Luganskaya by Kiev junta’s punitive forces.

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