Ukrainian army shelled suburb of Gorlovka last night

30.01.2016, Gorlovka.

Kiev junta’s punitive forces shelled the village of “6/7” Mine, which is located in the suburbs of Gorlovka, according to the press centre of the Defense Ministry of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), RIA Novosti news agency reports.

Ukrainian punitive forces fired at the village using automatic grenade launcher AGS, anti-aircraft guns, and small arms, a spokesman of DPR Defense Ministry said.

Kiev junta’s punitive forces regularly violate agreements on the Conflict Regulation, which were adopted by the Contact Group in Minsk, by continuing to shell the towns and villages of DPR. On January 27th, Ukrainian army intensified the shelling of DPR Armed Forces along all of the contact line, according to the unit “Essence of Time”. From February to December, Ukrainian punitive forces shelled DPR territory 9409  times, killing 3938 civilians and injuring 6160 people.

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