Moldovan opposition creates Committee for Saving the Nation

24.01.2016, Moldova.

Moldova opposition forces are creating the Committee for Saving the Nation, the leader of the “DA civil platform” (“Dignity and Truth”) Vasily Nastase declaring on the stage of the rally which takes place in Kishinev on January 24, TASS news agency reports.

The representatives of Moldovan opposition forces are supposed to join the Committee, including the representatives of “Our Party” and the Socialist Party, who also take part in the rally.

The Committee will take direct the actions aimed at liberating the country in which the authority was usurped during the Parliamentary elections of November 2014,” Nastase said.

He also claimed that the opposition demands early elections to take place no later than 2016 under the control of the international community. However, for the elections to be honest, first the heads of the Central Elections Committee, General Prosecutor’s office and a number of other bodies must be replaced. “Most of the state institutions in Moldova are usurped,” he added.

The representative of the left opposition, the leader of “Our Party” Renato Usaty claimed that it is also necessary to create the People’s Tribunal which will try the corrupt authorities. “Moldova is taken over by oligarchs and is currently in a dangerous situation. We want to save the country from this regime,” he said.

Rallies with thousands of participants take place in Moldova since Wednesday. Opposition forces intended to prevent the ruling Democratic party from confirming the new government. Despite the protests, the President of Moldova confirmed the Cabinet of Prime Minister Pavel Filip. Everything was done so hastily that the new Cabinet swore in during the night and not all of its members were even able to attend the ceremony.

Outraged by this act, the protesters tried to take over the Parliament building, which lead to clashes with the police. Over 30 people got injured as a result.

To remind, the opposition forces of Ukraine created the “Committee for Saving the Nation” on November 30, 2013, during “Euromaidan”.

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