Donetsk mourns: One year since the tragedy at Bosse

22.01.2016, Donetsk.

“Essence of Time” combat unit member Altay:

Donetsk mourns. January 22, 2015, is one of the most tragic dates of this war — a fascist mortar shell killed 13 people at a Bosse microdistrict bus stop. There was not a single armed person there — only passengers of a trolleybus going to work that early morning and people passing by. Over 20 people were severely injured.

(First Republican channel footage, January 22, 2015. Ukrainian POWs were brought to the site of the shelling to witness the crimes they commit by shelling peaceful cities – Editor)

I remember how the tragic news shook the whole city. We were addressed by Svetlana Nikon, who was acquainted with one of “Essence of Time” unit soldiers — her daughter and grandson, who was just several months old, were on that trolleybus. Her daughter, Lilia Nikon, was in a critical condition and lost a lot of blood. Without a moment’s hesitation we went to the blood transfusion center. A part of our guys went there straight from the airport to help the girl.


Lilia underwent a number of serious surgeries, lost her left leg, but survived. Graham Phillips helped raise money for a prosthetic leg and now she can walk again. She is raising her son Kirill.


Today, one year after these events, hundreds of Donetsk residents have come to honor the memory of the innocent victims of Bandera fascism. A memorial sign was opened on the place where the tragedy took place, which was instantly showered with flowers. Svetlana Nikon was among the people who have come there. She recognized me, hugged me and thanked all the guys from “Essence of Time” unit for that help. Lilia herself couldn’t come — her son Kirill got ill. I’m sure they will be fine!

May the memory of the victims of January 22, 2015 on Bosse live forever. We remember every victim of fascism. We have no right to forget!

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