Kiev junta banned the Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from entering the territory of Ukraine

14.01.2016, Ukraine.

According to the Bundestag MP from the “Left party” and a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Andrej Hunko’s statement in an interview with RIA Novosti, German MPs fall under the ban of the Ukrainian authorities on entry into the country, despite Kiev’s official denies.

Four days before the elections [in Ukraine in October of 2015 – Editor], I received an e-mail, … that (my) ban on entry is cleared for the duration of the elections. That was the first time I was officially informed that there exists a ban against me on entry, since, when I earlier referred to the Federal government of Germany, to the Ukrainian Embassy, they stated that there were no restrictions on entry in respect of German deputies there,” stated Hunko, who is an international observer for the Parliamentary Assembly.

Clearly, in Ukraine there are two levels — government, which published “black lists” with Gerard Depardieu, journalists — a total of 400 names, where mine is not included. And then there is a list by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), where my name is listed,” he added.

According to the MP, he is currently in the process of clarifying what other individuals are listed in the “secret list” of Ukrainian special services. The request is also sent to the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, noted Hunko.

These actions aren’t very friendly, and they testify to the existence of a government within the government in Ukraine, which is contrary to the so-called official statements,” said Hunko.

Recently Andrey Hunko announced that he and his colleague have raised 170,000 Euros for children of Donbass and have been sending humanitarian aid to the region for a year.


Source: RIA Novosti

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