LPR: Kiev junta once again foiled the exchange of POWs

13.01.2016, LPR.

Kiev junta once again foiled the process of exchange of prisoners of war (POWs), according to the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky.

Earlier Igor Plotnitsky “gave the order to release Ukrainian POWs on LPR territory and let them go home“.

I am confident that the light of the star of Bethlehem and Christmas prayer (the statement was made on Orthodox Christmas – Editor) will prompt a decent answer to Kiev rulers. We are ready to solve all disagreements at the negotiating table, without bloodshed, without the tears of mothers and children,” stated the head of the Republic.

So to my utter bewilderment, our goodwill found no response from representatives of the Kiev authorities. All attempts to contact the authorized representatives of Ukraine in order to turn the prisoners of war over to them, were to no avail,” stated the baffled Igor Plotnitsky.

I once again emphasize: we were ready to transfer the prisoners of war without any conditions,” he said.

By offering to return the prisoners of war to Ukraine, we sincerely hoped that our goodwill would push Ukraine to finally begin implementing the Minsk agreements!” particularly mentioned Igor Plotnitsky.

Igor Plotnitsky also said that the Republic continues to comply with all conditions of the Minsk agreements, especially in the matter of exchange of prisoners.

He reminded that it is not the first time that the junta disrupted the process of exchange of prisoners. In September, November, December the transfer of the prisoners was also foiled.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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