Bandera Nazis stage an “execution of a Russian pilot” on a New Year party – video

11.01.2016, Kiev.

The execution of a Russian pilot of the downed Su-24M plane who died in Syria was cynically staged in a restaurant in Kiev during a New Year’s party.

Accompanied by music which is usually heard in ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) propaganda videos, a man dressed in Ukrainian national clothes pretended slitting the throat of a Kiev resident who imitated a Russian pilot.

The event was called “Stab in the back”. The menu included such meals as “fried pilot”, “Luftwaffe field ration”, “T-72 tank crew” and “Chinese communist”.

The narrator cheerfully says: “Today an execution will happen. It is time for judgement. How will this Russian be punished?” “Glory to Ukraine!” someone replied.


This isn’t the first time rabid Bandera Nazis feast on death on New Year. A year ago, on December 28 2014, a video of a New Year’s party in Kiev surfaced where the participants cut a cake made as a very realistic baby, supposedly representing Russia. The knife goes through the baby-cake toes to head and cuts it in two equal pieces. The video is quite shocking and is not recommended to anybody under the age of 18, as well as pregnant women. “Who wants an arm?” asks the person cutting the cake. “I want a leg!” someone replied.

The crimes Bandera Nazis were accused 70 years ago include murdering civil population, children and women with over a 100 different ways using everything they could get their hands on: nails, hammers, saws, scythes; the list continues.


Source: LifeNews

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