Kiev junta loses control over Ukraine

23.12.2015, Ukraine.

Miners of the former Donetsk region today have demanded the Kiev junta to stop destroying the Ukrainian coal industry, stop shutting down Ukrainian mines and to increase state financing of the coal industry.

All of these demands were voiced during the miners’ rally in Kiev. 200 miners from Kiev junta occupied territories of the former Donetsk region were present.

The miners have marched from the Ukrainian Parliament to Coal Industry Ministry as a sign of protest.

At the same time, a rally of activists who demanded the mayor of Krivoy Rog city to resign. On this same day, the miners of “LvovUgol” (Lvov coal – Editor) company have blocked the Lvov – Rava Russkaya road.

The catastrophic economic situation in Ukraine which is the result of the criminal policies of the Kiev junta leads to robbing the country, dramatic impoverishment of the Ukrainian people (the living wage in Ukraine is fifty seven dollars per month, forty five dollars for people with disabilities), igniting inter-ethnic and inter-ideological hostility and sectarian violence, the escalation of separatist moods all over the country.

If the Kiev junta manages to support the civil war it ignited in the east of Ukraine by the informational-psychological war and anti-Russian propaganda, it gets harder for it to keep putting the blame over the rest of its domestic problems on its neighbor.

More and more people leave Ukraine to try earn a living, most of them leave to Russia. When they encounter no anti-Ukrainian sentiments in Russia, people understand more and more that the conflict in the east of the country is not a Russian aggression against the Ukrainian state, but the resistance of the Ukrainian people against the foreign puppets who seized the power in Kiev and started a civil war in the country.


Source: RIA Novosti

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