After messages from Donetsk, LPR notes the increase in Kiev junta military forces near the contact line as well

23.12.2015, LPR.

Following the messages from Donetsk People’s Republic regarding the increase of punitive forces in Artyomovsk and Mariupol, similar information comes from Lugansk People’s Republic.

LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko made a statement:

According to our reconnaissance, Ukrainian army continues to increase the number of heavy weapons banned by the Minsk Agreements, as well as the numbers of military personnel near the contact line.

It is difficult to make predictions in such a situation. However, Kiev junta definitely cannot allow the realization of Minsk Agreements, as it will mean the political death of the leaders of the Kiev junta, after which their physical death might follow. However, the leaders of EU countries and USA are on the side of the illegitimate Kiev government, which is why there is not only the factor of military confrontation in Ukraine. Significant influence have the foreign policy wars between states which support the repartition of the world (the side mainly represented by the USA and the EU) by escalating controllable chaos, including in Ukraine, and the states which oppose the chaotization of the world.

The fact of abiding by the Minsk Agreements is important in this game. Kiev junta and the Republics that rebelled against it today compete in self-restraint and the ability to keep the power and the state in the conditions of a struggle. The first to violate the ceasefire loses – loses the legitimacy in the eyes of the doubting world community.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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