UN monitors launch investigation after mass detentions in Kiev-occupied regions of Donbass

21.12.2015, Donbass.

Dmitry Popov, chief of administration of Donetsk People’s Republic Ombudswoman, said that the reaction to mass detentions of people by Ukrainian security services in pre-frontline cities temporary occupied by the Kiev junta has already followed.

“All information regarding these facts had been handed to the UN Human Rights Mission, the Monitors of which have already launched an investigation”, Popov said.

On December 10 Security Service of Ukraine had announced that it will conduct inspections of every house in Ukrainian Nazi-occupied Krasnogorovka city west of Donetsk. 85 people supposedly linked to Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republic were detained. According to Popov, most of these people have already been freed.

Detentions in two other cities, Maryinka and Avdeevka followed. Security Service of Ukraine has announced today that approximately 100 people were detained yesterday in Avdeevka, also on suspicion of links with the People’s Republics.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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