Ukraine, USA and Canada don’t protest against glorification of Nazism

18.12.2015, New York.

Russia, which is being accused of fascism by all Western media and Russia liberals (compare Putin to Hitler), had once again presented the draft resolution condemning Nazism, neo-Nazism and other kinds of practices which escalate modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance to UN General Assembly. The Assembly adopted the resolution with a majority of votes.

Just like a month ago, four countries voted against the resolution: Canada, Palau, USA and Ukraine. 49 states, including European Union member states, abstained.

“Civilized Europe” which protects tolerance, rights of homosexuals and the feelings of pedophiles (and which is against fascism, of course), abstains. The “stronghold of democracy” which fights for global freedom that kind of looks like ISIL (Organization banned in Russia), USA, votes against. Together with Canada and Ukraine.

Russia, together with most countries of the world, obviously voted for the resolution which was adopted as a result. There is nothing surprising in this. Only Nazis, fascists or those who support fascists can protect the glorification of Nazism.

Ukraine is an openly fascist state which had officially adopted Bandera Nazi ideology.

Canada is the stronghold of Bandera Nazis and other Nazis from Eastern Europe who fled from the victorious USSR and who founded the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, a part of the fascist international, the World Anti-Communist League.

United States is the country which adopted the “Captive Nations Law” in 1950s, a law which is also sometimes called the law on dismemberment of Russia and which mentions fictitious nations made up by German Nazis in Russia. The law itself was developed and proposed by Bandera Nazis which found stable refuge in Canada and came to power in Ukraine in 2014.

It all comes together. Only Nazis can take a stand for glorification of Nazism. And this happens year after year. Russia, on the other hand, is consistent in its actions like never before.


Source: TASS, natarintah LJ

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